This just in: ACTUAL peer reviews added a 9.8% conversion lift for a health and wellness client.

Most health brands tend to focus on experts and doctors to provide social proof and validation.

BUT, the specific peer reviews (from real-life customers) add a HUGE boost when used correctly.

By adding this specific mix of different peer reviews, we increased conversions by 9.8% for a health and wellness client.

For instance, reviews detailing:

  • How these customers incorporate the product into their lifestyle
  • How it saves them time and boosts their energy

…are game-changers. Your product may be great, but new customers will lose interest – fast, without seeing how it could change their life in reality.

The Result

For our nutrition supplements client, we added a section on the bottom half of the homepage with rating stars and REAL reviews, boosting conversions by 9.8% overall.

Why it Worked

The stakes are high on the homepage. CRO is all about creating a seamless customer journey and enabling them to make a buying decision quickly.

Empathize with your customer and understand how THEY think about your products first.

What Most Brands Do Wrong

Because product detail pages are so close to the point of conversion, most brands believe it’s the spot for peer reviews.

Instead, reduce your reader’s anxiety EARLY and increase their motivation from the get-go by tapping into three emotions on the homepage:

✓ TRUST → reviews from peers
✓ VALIDATION → expert opinions to excite and engage
✓ CREDIBILITY → stars that win them over

and you’ll be improving lives in no time.

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