Review star test brings a 40% CVR increase (!)

We all know how important review stars are. But, it’s easy to overlook just how much of a difference they make. In a recent test, our simple, clickable review stars right below the product title for an apparel client led to a 40% CVR increase.

Our takeaways:

  • Don’t hide your star ratings or overdo their design.
  • Make them interactive and clickable.
Review star test brings a 40% CVR increase (!)

Why it Worked

This client has a luxury product that requires a healthy dose of peer reviews.

Here’s why easy-to-spot review stars with SPECIFICS next to the rating (ie: 1,481 verified reviews) worked here:

  1. Build trust. Show the user that peers LOVE your product. Let them click and read why, right away.
  2. Simple cuts distractions. No need to scroll all the way down the page, or completely miss the reviews in an overblown design.
  3. Reduce anxiety & objections: This brand cares a ton about its customers, and it shows. Easy-to-see reviews breed confidence and community. It’s not just a product. We love that.

What Most Brands Do Wrong

Most companies have review stars that are overly designed and blend in, to the point that their customers glaze over them. Instead, make them simple to see and easy to interact with. Don’t be afraid to show your well-loved product off.

Try it out:

Make your review stars easy to spot and easy to click. See what happens to your conversion rate and report back.

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