Want a 16.3% conversion bump? Use your PDP upsells wisely.

In a recent test, we found that moving pdp upsells BELOW the Add To Cart button on the product page increased conversions by 16.3% and lifted RPS 53.3%.

Want a 16.3% conversion bump? Use your PDP upsells wisely.

Why it Worked

Do not interrupt their purchase flow on the product page, my friend.

When the upsell line of text was part of the product description, we found that customers were taken out of the purchasing flow and jumping ship.

Instead, let them:

  1. Decide to purchase FIRST.
  2. Then, the upsell is an added bonus.

What Most Brands Do Wrong

Most brands have a list of compelling upsells that they want to squeeze into the PDP page early on, without a strategy around their placement for ultimate impact.

The goal of the product page is to knock down objections, appeal to the customer’s needs, and make it easy to purchase WITHOUT bombarding them with info.

Know your customer.

For this specific customer, it WORKED because this upsell, a vitamin addition to an existing supplement plan, is important enough to be distinct, but not significant enough to distract from the purchase.

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