This ONE WORD increased conversions by 47%

by Blue Stout
June 29, 2022

On a subscription page for our prenatal supplement client, we changed the first word in the line of header copy from BUY to SAVE, boosting conversions by a whopping 47.1% overall.

This ONE WORD increased conversions by 47%

Each word of copy is a DELICATE make-or-break situation that can turn the tides in the trust you’re building.

Pro Tip: Communicate the benefit of your offer FIRST, before the call-to-action.

By offering the benefit right away instead of a call to action, you are showing customers what they will enjoy from your product, before calling them to act.

This large increase in performance was far from complicated: and it worked.

Why it Worked

Placing the benefit first: e.g. ‘Save 33% when you buy a trimester’s worth of prenatal nutrition’ vs. ‘Buy a trimester’s worth of prenatal nutrition & save 33%’ offers this new mom a perk of purchase to grab their attention.

And for mothers-to-be, knowing that they will SAVE money when buying in bulk is HUGE.

They don’t want to worry about running out of the supplements that support themselves & little ones, and the extra money they’ll pocket? Big deal for parents.

What Most Brands Do Wrong

A successful CTA results in a conversion. We know this.

The problem is that most brands think that to grab their attention RIGHT AWAY, you need to position the action first. When in reality, your customer wants to know what’s in it for them before doing something about it.

So – if you have anything live on your landing page that places the CTA language first, consider rearranging the words to communicate the benefits right away for ultimate impact…

…and a MAJOR boost in revenue.


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