Here’s how streamlining MOBILE resulted in a 16.7% CVR boost

Digital behavior differs according to the device used. Today’s consumer is happy to shop on both desktop AND mobile, and expects seamless experiences on both.

Your strategy should reflect that.

Overall: mobile experiences benefit from a streamlined presentation, while desktop customers are compelled to purchase with more quality information shown.

Take feature icons, for instance…

The Result

Customers don’t want to scroll through icons, so we removed them.

In a recent test, device-level personalization that hides benefit icons resulted in a 16.7% increase in conversion rate on mobile for our fashion brand client.

Why it Worked

Removing these icons on mobile:

  • Moves the product higher up the page
  • Eliminates scroll time & confusion
  • Improves efficiency to BUY

The reason this is interesting is that the collections page for this client had icons that make the brand unique, showcasing the cool features of the product.

So, why wouldn’t mobile users want to know about these before purchasing?

On desktop, the layout of icons presents in one single line.

But mobile takes up TOO much space (like full screen for each icon space), taking away from the actual product.

What Most Brands Do Wrong

Brands need to optimize experiences across all devices to truly succeed.

When you understand your mobile vs desktop split and prioritize your digital strategy accordingly, little changes can go far.

How can you better incentivize your mobile customers to get more shoppers browsing?

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