We added TWO WORDS to a collection title, and increased product sales by 17%.

In a recent test, we hypothesized that additional specificity around a product category would help visitors understand who the product is FOR. So, we added two words to the title. It more than doubled the traffic to the collection and increased sales by 16.7% on the homepage.

On your site, CLARITY is key.

Get specific to increase product understanding and boost conversions.

Here’s Why it Worked

This brand primarily sells baby clothing. However, they also sell clothing for mothers. In one category, we made a general title more specific to tailor to the RIGHT audience: moms.

Since visitors on the site are MOSTLY thinking of baby clothing when they arrive, we helped them understand this product is in fact not meant for babies by changing the title from…

‘Everyday Dresses’


‘Everyday Dresses for Mom’

…in both the Collections list and the Navigation.

What Most Brands Do Wrong

Most brands don’t look through the lens of their customer.

Calling out WHO this product is for keeps the buyer from having to ask the question, “are these dresses for me or my baby”?

Try it out:

Put yourself in a new site visitor’s shoes:

Are your collection titles too general? Could you edit to make them crystal clear to your customer? Test, review, repeat.

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